Real Time Insights

Qspike outputs real-time insights for real-time decisions via:
Deep sentiment analysis which determines the exact emotion, intensity, and shifts of the emotion a person or group of people have on various topics.

Associated terms that show what relevant psychological associations people have with specific topics/products/people/events.
Preference analysis which determines the preferences of specific target groups.

Image analysis that analyzes objects, people, demographics, color palettes, facial expressions, emotional state, character traits.
Influencer analysis for determining key individuals or organizations that impact public perception and how.

Trend monitoring that spots, classifies and analyzes emerging or hidden trends and their effects.
Correlations between events that shift public opinion or market behavior.

Behavioral analysis which tracks shifts in community behavior, and alerts to change.

Credit Scoring

Through cross-referencing of data from public sources, geo-movement data, etc., we can derive creditworthiness scoring with a higher accuracy than than scoring agencies without the requirement of availability of credit history data also expanding the possibilities and applicability in live monitoring, dynamic pricing, and other more flexible models of scoring.

Strategic Insight

Imagine being able to understand political motives and predict future actions and strategies of world leaders and their governments. Through an automated process of drilling deeper to gain insights that humans cannot, this is precisely what our AI model does.

By collating multiple sources and types of information, our AI model can come to meaningful conclusions regarding international affairs, global strategies with predictive abilities.