We see patterns where other AI's see nothing

Qspike produces unique insights using pattern recognition, based on endless streams of complex learning setups at a speed never before seen in the AI world

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The Science Behind Qspike

  • Data gathering and data classification

    Qspike gathers data from a large number of APIs in order to evaluate and classify information into groups, which are further processed.

  • Analysis, cross-referencing adn learning and re-learning

    Our AI is not based on traditional learning models but on a proprietary model of fast relearning and unlearning. Qspike produces margin scores, known as Qfactor scores, for each data class.

  • Resuluts, scoring, profiles and other uses

    Results that show patterns, anomalies, profiles, trends and other insights can then be used to arrive at conclusions, develop strategies or additional actions.


How does Qspike work?

Imagine posing a question with 100 trillion if’s, when’s and but’s, but then being able to see the path towards the one result that you want to arrive at. We call these theoretical predictive vectors, Qspikes.

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What Does Qspike

Qspike processes language-related data in 60 different languages, connects through API to various databanks, and can input any amount of data delivered via APIs.

Qspike can processes 112 Terabytes of data in just 4.3 minutes.

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